Chamber and Union Present United Front

The Chamber supports Unite’s campaign targeting illegal labour. There is universal recognition that unregistered workers and unlicensed traders have an adverse impact on Gibraltar’s economy.

An employer paying below the legal minimum wage is not only abusing the employee but also creating an unwelcome distortion to the local labour market. The Chamber urges any employee who is paid below the minimum wage to inform the ETB in the first instance. If the Union is aware of any employee who is not registered then they should inform the ETB without delay.

Similarly, if someone knows of any business employing unregistered workers or paying staff less than the statutory minimum wage they should inform the ETB or contact the Chamber who will take the matter up with the ETB directly.

The Chamber is confident that all of its members abide by the statutory legislation and many pay considerably more than the minimum recommended hourly rate agreed each year between the Chamber and the Union. In addition, many Chamber members give their staff additional benefits such as discretionary bonus schemes, discount vouchers and pension contributions.