Chamber meets with Liam Fox

Chamber of Commerce President, Christian Hernandez and director George Desoisa met with the UK Secretary of State for Trade, Dr Liam Fox at the Convent on 17th January.  The meeting was to explore future business opportunities for Gibraltar after it leaves the European Union as well as to discuss recent developments.

Mr. Hernandez briefed Dr Fox on some of the current concerns of Chamber members and of the significant challenges that Gibraltar faces as a result of Brexit.  Mr. Hernandez also highlighted the importance of ensuring that the UK Government fully includes Gibraltar in all deals that are negotiated with the European Union.  They went on to discuss some of the recent developments in Gibraltar’s economy which they hoped would be able to benefit from a closer association with the UK.

Both Dr Fox and Mr. Hernandez reinforced the importance of working collaboratively in the future for the benefit of the UK as well as for Gibraltar.