Chamber poll confirms support for the STRONGER IN campaign

The Chamber of Commerce conducted a poll among its members on the forthcoming EU Referendum.  The board of the Chamber had taken the decision unanimously to give the Chamber’s support to the STRONGER IN campaign which is encouraging people to vote to remain an EU member in the forthcoming referendum on 23rd June.  This is because the board believes that Gibraltar’s economic interests are best served by being a member of the EU and having access to a single European market.

The poll had a single question:

The board of the Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce unanimously supports the STRONGER IN campaign.

Please confirm that your company endorses this position.

There were three options to respond:  Yes, No or Undecided.

The results of the poll were as follows:

72 per cent responded Yes

19 per cent responded No

9 per cent of respondents were Undecided

In the view of the board if the result of the poll is reflected in the EU referendum on 23rd June it would be a good result for Gibraltar.  Just as important though, is for all voters who are eligible to make sure that they cast their vote in the referendum on 23rd June.