Chamber polls its members on public sector service levels

The Chamber of Commerce is polling its members across all parts of the private sector to ask what they think of the service levels they receive from the Civil Service.

In the past the Chamber has asked its members about this issue in its annual Trading Conditions Survey, but this poll will be more in depth and ask members about the various departments which their businesses interact with.  The survey also asks members for their views on the most suitable and convenient opening hours of various government departments. The Chamber’s Civil Service survey is online and members’ responses will be totally anonymous.

Chamber President, Christian Hernandez said, “We have always had useful feedback from our members through the Chamber’s annual Trading Conditions Survey. In relation to the public sector review, HMGOG is committed to consulting the private sector and the Chamber of Commerce and so the board thought that it would be timely to have more detailed information about how our members interact with various parts of the Civil Service.  It is important for the board to have up to date information from our members and this survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. We encourage our members to respond to the online questionnaire so that the Chamber can best represent their views and concerns.”

The poll results will be announced to members in due course through the Chamber members’ magazine, B2B.