Chamber publishes 2015 General Election Wish List

The Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce has today published its wish list for the forthcoming general election.

The Wish List can be read here.

The Wish List has been formulated by the Board of Directors of the Chamber and highlights what the Chamber believe should be the economic priorities of a new government. As would be expected, many of these cover issues directly related to business such as encouraging sustainable economic growth, employment and suggesting ways which help local businesses compete on a level playing field.

The Chamber also encourages a new government to address issues which are not directly business-related but have an impact on the taxpayer.

Chamber President, Christian Hernandez commenting on the publication of the Chamber’s wish list said: “My board has been developing this document over several months having taken soundings from members in various business sectors. We believe that the suggestions which are contained within it make good economic sense and would also help Gibraltar to become more competitive and more resilient. The Chamber will be engaging with the leaders of all political parties in the weeks and months ahead and we hope to convince them to adopt all of the measures proposed by the Chamber for their own manifestos when they are published ahead of the general election.”