Chamber responds to Royal Gibraltar Police comments

The Chamber of Commerce is disappointed at the disparaging manner in which the RGP has responded to its legitimate expression of concern following representations by its members and other members of the public.

The Chamber of Commerce as a responsible and professional organisation has a duty to address the concerns of its members by highlighting them as appropriate. In the past, the Chamber of Commerce has raised issues concerning policing matters directly with the RGP both in meetings and in correspondence to little or no effect.

The fact remains that, whether the RGP chooses to admit it or not, there is a real concern by the business community and the public generally of lack of visible police presence in areas where large amounts of pedestrians congregate, a sentiment that has been echoed both privately and publicly by former senior police officers and commissioners of police.

The Chamber remains ready to engage in a positive way with the RGP and trusts the RGP will take positive action in response to the concerns of the public.