Chamber supports Public Service reform

The Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce welcomes the announcement by the Chief Secretary earlier this week that he will roll out a major reform programme of the Public Service.  This is something that ultimately will be of benefit to everyone in the community: individuals, businesses and organisations.

The announcement confirms that the government is committed to invest for the long term in training and developing the civil service workforce to a higher level than any previous government.

Part of the reform will aim to ensure smooth succession planning.  Too often in the past, highly talented public officials have taken their well-earned retirement and their post remains unfilled sometimes for years due to lack of qualified or experienced successors. This programme looks to give those civil servants who wish to advance to senior positions the training and skills needed to fill those roles.

By partnering with King’s College, one of the world’s leading academic institutions through the University of Gibraltar, the programme looks to be both innovative and best in class.  In short, it represents an unmatched opportunity for civil service employees.

In parallel, the steps which the government is taking to introduce e-government across all departments and government agencies will help to ensure that the civil service will function with much greater levels of efficiency, something which the Chamber and its members have sought for many years. This increased efficiency is long overdue but will be even more critical once the full impact of Gibraltar leaving the EU becomes apparent.