Chamber welcomes new investment in tourism

The Chamber of Commerce welcomes the announcement that the government has made regarding planned investments in parts of the tourist infrastructure.  It is also heartened by Minister Costa’s “drive to put Gibraltar’s tourism industry at the forefront of our economy”.

The Upper Rock in particular has many hidden or undeveloped assets which have the potential to enrich Gibraltar’s unique and historic tourist offering. The re-opening of the Holy Land tunnel and enabling access to the viewing platform will be a welcome added attraction to tourists. Investment in the general infrastructure is also badly needed and it is hoped that this will be sustained and increased over time so that the Upper Rock truly becomes the jewel in Gibraltar’s tourist crown.

Separately, the Chamber urges the government to adopt an holistic approach to transport and tourism, so visitor flows to the Upper Rock can be increased, and in doing so increase tourism revenues. Only then will the real value of Gibraltar’s most important tourist asset be realised.

The Chamber hopes that the government will continue to engage with those operators involved in the tourism sector and also with the Chamber to ensure an optimum outcome for the continued development of this cornerstone of the economy.