Chamber welcomes the full reopening of Line Wall Road

The Chamber of Commerce applauds the Government for its announcement that it will reopen Line Wall Road to all vehicles in both directions as from Monday 9th November.

When the Government brought in restricted access to Line Wall Road four months ago, the Chamber took the decision not to prejudge the effect it might have on local businesses and local residents.

Over the last few months the Chamber has received numerous comments and complaints from members about how the restricted access has adversely been affecting their businesses. Before deciding on what actions the Chamber could take we invited members to give their views in an anonymous online survey.  In the first 24 hours of going live, the survey had a 25 per cent response rate.

Nearly all of those members who responded either operated a business on Line Wall Road or in the Main Street pedestrianised area and almost all of these were against the closure of Line Wall Road to traffic.

The decision to reopen Line Wall Road fully might have been a difficult one to take, but for the sake of local businesses, local residents, reduced congestion and emissions it has been the right one to take at this time.