Tax: Court advises in our favour

The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice [ECJ], Niils Jääskinen, has advised the court that it should uphold an earlier ruling which found that Gibraltar’s tax regime did not breach EU rules on state aid. The opinion by the Advocate General is not binding but the court’s final rulings generally reflect the advice. Europe’s Court of First Instance had already ruled in Gibraltar’s favour on the crucial issues of regional and material selectivity. One key question was whether Gibraltar could maintain its independence as a jurisdiction with the ability to set its own...

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New power station announced

A string of power cuts earlier this year laid bare the strain that Gibraltar’s outdated power generation network is under, focusing attention on the need for a long-term solution to the crucial issue of electricity supply. The cuts drew accusations of bad planning, although the Gibraltar Electrical Authority argued they were down to unforeseeable circumstances. Temporary generators were brought in to cover demand in the short term and avoid a similar situation, but the question of long term supply remained. That long-term solution, in the form of a new power station, is finally becoming...

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Maritime update

Shipowners continue to face difficult times and weak freight markets in many trades, prompting concern in the maritime industry about a surge in the number of banks foreclosing on overdue mortgage deals. For Gibraltar though, this means good business. The Rock is widely regarded as a leading jurisdiction for admiralty arrests, mainly because its UK-based legal system can handle cases swiftly and efficiently. Resolving ship arrests quickly helps to protect the asset – in this case a ship – and get it back to work. While a reputation as an arrest port is not something many would wish to...

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