What we can offer

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Why join the Chamber?

If you pay business rates and taxes, if you use roads and employ people, if you are overwhelmed by red-tape then policy is your business.

A voice for business

The Chamber’s Policy Team aims to be the true representative voice for business in Gibraltar using its influence, experience and contacts to represent you and lobby on behalf of the business community at all levels.

Strength in numbers

It’s difficult for an individual business to influence policy alone. However as part of a group of businesses led by the Chamber you can have a much stronger voice exerting greater influence on policies affecting business.

Share your concerns with us

We can’t represent you and lobby on your behalf unless we understand your concerns. To see the bigger picture it’s essential we have your input. Don’t stand on the sidelines, contribute to the decisions that count by taking part in members of the Chamber’s Virtual Panels.

Lobbying on your behalf

The Chamber’s Policy Teams have a presence on a range of local committees and groups that influence policy making decisions in Gibraltar on issues such as, Business Licensing, Small Business Board, Labour Advisory Board and Community Renewal Funding. We are also interact with business organizations outside Gibraltar