Assistance & Advice

Invaluable local knowledge

Companies which are members of the Chamber employ around half the private sector workforce in Gibraltar across virtually every sector. In short, the Chamber is very well-connected and “plugged-in” to the local business community. The Chamber provides members with regular updates on issues affecting their business and members in turn give useful feedback to the Chamber. The Chamber is not authorised to give financial or legal advice, but it can provide a lot of useful information and contacts in the local business community.

We may not know everything that is going on in Gibraltar but we can usually find out if we need to. Whether you are an existing business who needs to know the latest inflation rate for calculating wage rates or what the legal requirements are for maternity leave, the Chamber can help you clearly and quickly. If you are looking to expand your business we can help to determine if your new project is eligible for a grant from the Community Renewal Fund. If you are new to Gibraltar we can put you in touch with local companies or government departments to help get you started.

An important part of the Chamber’s advice is our statistical database. This has detailed historical information on everything from tax rates and employment levels through to GDP trends and import duty revenue. If you have a statistical enquiry, feel free to call the Chamber today on +350 200 78376.