Unite’s comments on employers are unfounded and irresponsible

Once again Unite has chosen to cause unnecessary distress and alarm with unfounded allegations about local employers.  In doing so, the union also seeks to increase the burden of costs for local employers at a time when many are struggling to make ends meet.

It is utterly reprehensible for the union to allege that companies are using the current pandemic to make workers redundant unnecessarily.  To do so would cost employers even more money which many do not have. If this were the case, who would do the work?

At a time when the majority of local companies have seen significant falls in revenues the union seems to think the sensible thing to do is add to a company’s costs.

To even the most rabid socialist, this makes absolutely no sense.

Where is the evidence that employers are targeting the working class? There is none, because it is not true.

Having been proved wrong that progressive increases in the minimum wage will lead to job losses, the union has decided to double down.  It is now calling for employers to pay staff to stay at home on full pay on a separate type of sick leave.  Remarkable.

Even Karl Marx understood that for productive output there must be productive input.

Once again we urge leaders of the union to look at what is happening in Gibraltar, as well as elsewhere in Europe.  Once again we ask union leaders to be responsible and to be careful that their push for ever-higher wages and other benefits does not come at the cost of people’s jobs and livelihoods.